Three Steps To Dealing With A Foreign Body In Your Dog

17 October 2022
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If you suspect that your dog has consumed something that it won't be able to pass, it's important to take action quickly. In this scenario, the object can potentially lead to a digestive system blockage, which could be fatal for your pet. Common foreign bodies include rocks, children's toys, and other items that are small enough for a dog to swallow but large enough to be difficult to pass. Contact your local animal hospital if you believe there's a foreign body inside your dog. Read More 

Knowing When To Bring Your Cat To A Veterinarian

11 July 2022
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If you recently adopted a kitten or full-grown cat, you want to take proactive steps in keeping it healthy. There are times throughout your pet's life when it will need to be seen by a veterinarian. Most pet owners bring cats to see their veterinarian at least on a yearly basis for a routine checkup. There are other times, however, when your cat may need medical assistance. Here are indicators to aid in prompting you to make a phone call to your cat's practitioner to schedule an appointment. Read More