3 Things To Expect When You Take Your Dog To The Veterinary Clinic To Have Him Neutered

26 July 2017
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Taking your dog into the veterinary clinic to be neutered is a very routine procedure. Most vets have performed several successful neutering operations each week, and they will be able to perform a safe and effective surgery on your dog as well. However, there are some things that you as the owner should prepare for and expect when your dog gets neutered. This article will discuss 3 things to expect when you take your dog to the veterinary clinic to have him neutered. 

Stop Giving Your Dog Food And Water The Night Before 

One thing that your vet will ask you to do before you bring your dog into the veterinary clinic to be neutered is to withhold food from them. This is generally going to start around midnight the night before the surgery, but may be a bit earlier in the evening if the surgery is early in the morning. It is very important that you do this, so as to ensure that your dog's stomach is empty when they are given anesthesia for the surgery. This greatly reduces the risk of them throwing up their food or water and choking on it while they are under general anesthesia. 

Pre-Surgery Exam

Before your dog is actually neutered, they will need to receive a pre-surgery exam. This exam will take place on the morning of the neutering appointment, right after you arrive at the veterinary clinic. It is a simple physical exam that ensures that your animal is in good health and is ready to receive this kind of surgery. It is a much needed safety precaution, and one that is  very important. 

Prepare A Quiet Room To Take Them Home To

After your dog has been neutered and has woken up after surgery, they are still going to be a bit groggy and disoriented for quite some time. While this is normal, it makes it unsafe for your dog to be able to roam around on their own. They may hit into things, fall over, or otherwise hurt themselves. Because of this, your vet will likely recommend that you have a dark and quiet room set aside for your dog to relax in until they can fully wake up and get their coordination back. You could even just place your dog inside of their kennel if you would like to be extra safe because you know that they can't hurt themselves in there. 

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