Meow Or Ow? Five Signs Your Cat Is In Pain

23 July 2017
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Cats definitely tend to hide the fact that they are in pain. You won't often find a cat limping unless it's serious, meowing excessively, or exhibiting other obvious signs that they are in pain. In fact, they are known to be "pain-maskers." However, there are some tell tale signs to be paying attention to. Here are five signs that could mean your cat is in pain:

  1. He's Not Jumping to His Favorite High Spot: Cats love to be up high. It makes them feel in control of their environment and often times, pet cats will pick their favorite spot in the house to do this and you will probably know where that is. Your cat most likely spends a majority of their time here. If you notice that they aren't jumping up here or you find that they are trying but not succeeding, it's definitely a sign that it's time for a trip to the vet. 
  2. He's Not Grooming: Cats are extreme self-groomers and do not like their coat to be dirty. When your cat is not sleeping or jumping, you will notice that they are grooming themselves. If you notice that this behavior stops, it's a definite indicator that something is wrong. This is also true if you notice that they are attempting to groom, but meows painfully when they get to a certain area.
  3. He's Panting: Cats don't naturally pant. However, this could happen if they are hot, in which case you should first put out some water and try to cool them down in whatever way you can. Usually, panting is an indicator that your cat is in distress, and it could be because of an injury. 
  4. He's Making Noises When Using the Litter Box: If you notice that your cat is meowing loudly when using the litter box, it's probably because of a urinary tract infection, which is actually quite common in cats. This is a definite sign that you need to take your cat to the vet right away to get it treated before the infection spreads. 
  5. He's Not Using the Litter Box: Finally, if you notice that your cat is actually not going in the litter box at all, it's also a sign of possible urinary tract infection. Although, it could be a sign that they are injured and unable to get into their litter box, as well. 

When you notice any of these five signs, it's time for a trip to the vet, even if your cat appears to be acting totally normal for the rest of their daily activities. 

Contact a local emergency animal clinic for more information and assistance.